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Why donate?

1. Because you care about the world you live in and believe that it is possible to improve it with a more humane approach.

Social transformation. The more than 60 projects addressed at Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) aim to contribute to improving people's lives. The knowledge generated is transferred to society through different channels and reaching different audiences.

Transfer from knowledge to the company

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2. Because you want to get involved in a unique and committed project

A pioneering initiative in Spain inspired by the best centres in the world. The ICS is the first centre attached to a private university in Spain to develop scientific and interdisciplinary research in the area of Humanities and social sciences.

Since its creation in 2010, the University of Navarra has been committed to this project and together with the generosity of many people, institutions and companies, it has been possible to contribute to the benefit of a more humane society.

3. Because you want to support talent capable of generating ideas that have a positive impact on society as a whole.

The ICS has a team of more than 75 researchers and 200 collaborators from a total of 17 nationalities and 27 different scientific disciplines who jointly address the challenges facing society today for the benefit of all.

4. Because you share the values of the University of Navarra

The centre seeks to contribute to the improvement of society inspired by the values advocated by Christian humanist thought (search for truth, freedom, dignity of the person, independence from political and ideological interests...).



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