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The affective world - with its particular phenomena: emotion, feeling and passion - is central to a person's maturity. Much is said about the affective illiteracy of some young people and its negative consequences. But affectivity cannot be separated from character. There is a close interrelationship between the two: there cannot be a good character with affective illiteracy and vice versa.

Affective literacy and Education of character are fundamental pillars in the construction of a mature personality and must be studied together. Our proposal is to investigate the instructions of these processes in children and adolescents and to develop educational tools for preventive interventions from infancy onwards.

Within this line, the following initiatives have been developed to transfer the scientific knowledge developed in the research to families and teachers:

guide of quality
A quality guide of programmes of Education on affectivity and human sexuality has been developed. A free online access guide that will allow any high school, association of parents or association civilian, to compare the characteristics of a programme of Education sexuality with the criteria of the guide in order to better meet objective criteria of quality.

Books and manuals
Quiero Querer Collection: Education character and affectivity program for elementary school.