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A Fake News Observatory to promote Critical Thinking and Digital Literacy in Times of Crisis

Aplicaciones anidadas



In contexts of crisis and controversies, bipartisan positioning and polarising political tendencies, minorities and migrants tend to emerge as scapegoats to explain social, educational, health, and economic problems, leading to the spread of far-right ideologies and to the dissemination of fake news and hate discourse. Such discourse emerges and disseminates at a swift pace in social media and social networks, through text and multimedia resources, meaning that a high level of digital literacy, understood as the capacity to critically read, interpret and engage with (multimodal) news and discourse in digital supports, is needed to navigate information on these controversial social themes and their educational implications.

CoMMiTTEd addresses these issues by planning, developing, testing, and evaluating resources for digital teaching education, aiming at enhancing student teachers’ critical thinking through enriched critical (multimodal) discourse analysis abilities and digital teaching competences. 

By pursuing these issues, CoMMiTTEd: 

→ Advocates for a more conscious consumption of information about so-called minority and immigrant groups with little social representation, but very visible in the news. In this way, it fosters the Education intercultural in its "interpretation and relationship" skills.

→ Promotes a more manager use of digital technologies, networks and social media by introducing the development of a critical cultural awareness in the training initial academic staff programs, regardless of the subject school they intend to study to teach in the future.

→ Enhances critical skills that are crucial for the lifelong learning of teachers and, by extension, students, in times of increasing consumption of digital resources, both for leisure and educational purposes.

To achieve these highly demanding objectives, CoMMiTTEd’s multidisciplinary team will develop:

→ A bank of data on line called "Pedagogical Fake News Observatory", which will link migrants and minorities to the Covid-19 pandemic or other critical situations. It will help teacher trainers and teachers themselves to develop critical thinking and analytical skills from speech (multimodal)

→ Two online modules from training of academic staff, one to develop interpretive and relational skills and the other to promote a critical cultural awareness. Both can be integrated into various training scenarios from academic staff.

→ An electronic pedagogicalguide for teachers and teacher educators, which will present theoretical and internship oriented principles. It will relate to the critical (multimodal) analysis of speech and its implementation in the classroom and trajectories of training professor .


Aplicaciones anidadas


Main researcher

Sarali Gintsburg
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University of Navarra Team