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From disagreement to mediation


Detection and analysis of multimodal patterns in spontaneous interaction and institutionalized mediation practices.


Aplicaciones anidadas


MultiDeMe aims to advance the understanding of the multimodal core of human communication, that is, the complex and multidimensional patterns of meaning generation in face-to-face interaction, constituted by a coordinated set of signals (words, prosody, gestures and multisensory interaction with physical space and interlocutors).

The present project continues the avenues of research opened in a previous project (MultiNeg), focused on the analysis of the multimodal expression of disagreement in interaction. The main motivation for the research of MultiDeMe arose from the observation of a phenomenon that consistently follows or accompanies disagreement in spontaneous interaction: the emergence of mediation strategies deployed by a "third speaker" who perceives and, in a way, tries to de-escalate the conflict between two or more participants in the same conversation.

As its degree scroll suggests (from disagreement to mediation), the project MultiDeMe proposes, therefore, to consider disagreement and mediation as interrelated phenomena that occur in a highly intertwined way not only in formal mediation exercises - with an authorized mediator: legal, commercial or political mediation; couple therapy; mediation in educational contexts; etc. - but also, and often (but not always), in spontaneous interaction.

In MultiDeMe, the cognitive and multimodal perspective will be applied to two types of data, which will also be contrasted: (semi)spontaneous interactions and formal (professionalized) mediation exercises (specifically, criminal mediations).

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Aplicaciones anidadas


Multimodal patterns

To detect, analyze, explain and compare the multimodal patterns of articulation of disagreement and mediation present in two genres of face-to-face human interaction: spontaneous conversation and professionalized mediation.


programs of study of multimodal mediation

Contribute to the linguistic-pragmatic, transformative and restorative turn of the programs of study on mediation.

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Practical tools

To offer professional mediators practical tools to develop their pragmatic and communicative skills (goal).



Design and build quality multimodal corpora for the study of various genres of face-to-face human interaction.

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Aplicaciones anidadas


Principal Investigator

Inés Olza


Team of research

→ Esther Linares Bernabéu
University of Valencia

→ Elvira Manero Richard
University of Murcia

→ Mª Victoria Sánchez Pos
University of Navarra


The Task Force

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→ Jorge Ollero Perán
Government of Navarra

→ Javier Yániz Ciriza
Institute for Culture and Society

→ María Belén Garayoa Alzórriz
Government of Navarra

→ Renia López Ozieblo
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

→ Anais Holgado Lage
Princeton University


→ Laura Amigot Castillo
Complutense University of Madrid

→ Adriana Gordejuela Senosiain
University of Navarra

→ Biagio Ursi
University of Orléans

→ Geert Brône
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

→ Malin Roitman
Stockholm University

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project PID2022-143052NB-I00 funded by MCIN/ AEI /10.13039/501100011033 and by ERDF "A way to make Europe".