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Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Your international adventure starts here

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Embark on the journey of a lifetime with a comprehensive preparation that equips you with the language skills and cultural knowledge to succeed in any corner of the world.

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Find out here about courses that will help you prepare for your international stay:

preparacion extranjero desplegables

Discover the linguistic and cultural diversity in our courses. Learn or consolidate language and immerse yourself in its unique culture. These intensive courses have a duration of 6 weeks. 

language and German culture (intermediate level)

language and Italian culture (beginner level)


The institute of modern languages offers general courses in 9 languages. internship real and effective in a dynamic environment. 

More information 

If you want to practice your oral expression, you are interested in conversation courses. We currently offer courses in the following languages:


institute of modern languages offers specialized courses for the preparation of official exams of different languages. Our courses prepare you through classes in which you will discover techniques, tricks and tips that you can use in the exam. 

La oferta académica publicada es la del curso actual. Si estás interesado en algún curso o idioma que no se imparte, no dudes en escribirnos a

The academic programs published is for the current course. If you are interested in a course or language that is not being offered, do not hesitate to write to us at


enrollment. Steps



Take a level test test (compulsory for new students and intensive courses).



Consulta de fechas, precios y horarios en la web


Application materials

result test of level.
Passport-sized photograph (if you are not or have not been student).
You can hand it in on paper or digitally. Payment of the course fee


Formalise the enrollment

In person: institute of modern languages Secretariat located on floor -1 of Amigos Building. schedule from Monday to Friday from 9.30h to 17.00h.

Online: by filling in the form of enrollment and attaching all the documentation.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Level tests

The entrance tests are designed to help you decide which course is right for you.

Each access test has several parts: grammar and vocabulary, reading, listening and speaking. It lasts approximately 45 minutes.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the institute of modern languages Secretariat(

Aplicaciones anidadas



  1. Use a computer or tablet with headphones to make the test.

  2. Answer all the questions on test.

  3. Listening comprehension: You will listen to each recording TWICE. The audio is already edited with the repetition.




After completing your test and sending your answers, within TWO working days, a professor will contact you at the telephone number and schedule that you provide. The purpose of this call is to conduct a brief oral interview and to recommend the course offered by the University of Navarra's institute of modern languages that best suits your needs.

Aplicaciones anidadas


Specific English language tests

You want to continue learning English or maintain the level you have already achieved, but you do not intend to certify your level of English with an official exam (Cambridge or TOEFL iBT).

  • If your level of English is below B2, you should take test Access 1 (Levels A2-B2).
  • If your level of English is at least B1+ (upper-intermediate) you should take test Access 2 (Levels B2-C2).


If you want to certify your level of English with the official Cambridge or TOEFL iBT exam, you should choose one of these tests:

  • English- test Access B1- PET
  • English - test Access B2 - FIRST
  • English - test Access C1 - ADVANCED
  • English - test Access C2 - PROFICIENCY
  • English - test Access TOEFL iBT

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