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General Italian and a conversation course for stays in Italy and as a support for preparing official exams.

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Days: Monday and Wednesday
schedule: 14:00 to 15:30 h.
classroom seminar room B1 (Edif. Amigos)
For more information, please contact


Days: Tuesday and Thursday
schedule: 14:00 to 15:30 h.
classroom classroom 16 (Ed. ) Science Library
For more information, please contact

Day: Monday and Wednesday


schedule: 17:00 a 18:30
classroom seminar room 03 (Edif. Amigos)
For more information, please contact


Day: Tuesday
schedule: 17:00 a 18:30
classroom: seminar room B3 (Edif. Amigos)
For more information, please contact

Day: Wednesday (Exclusive to Ecclesiastical Fac.)
schedule: 12:00 a 13:00
classroom: classroom 2 (Fac. Ecclesiastics)
For more information, please contact

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Student typing on a tablet.


How much does it cost me?

  1. General course (semester): 520 €.
  2. Intensive preparation courses for official exams:
    • Intensive Italian Course (A1) (half-yearly): 260€.
    • Intensive Italian Course (B1) (half-yearly): 390€.
    • Italian Conversation (C1-Schools Ecclesiastical): 175€.

The payment of the enrollment can be made by bank transfer (receipt of the deposit in Caja Rural de Navarra IBAN account: ES44 3008 0001 11 2455270823. Beneficiary Languages, University of Navarra; concept: name and surname of student and language), or with card of credit .



  • Employees and teachers: 75%.
  • Retired employees and teachers: 75%.
  • Family member employee: 50%.
  • PIF (grant phase): 50%.
  • PIE grant: 50%.
  • University of Navarra students: 25%.
  • Adjunct Professor: 25%.
  • Alumni: 7.5% Alumni: 7.5% Alumni: 7.5% Alumni: 7.5%
  • large family (any category): 7.5%.
  • Summer courses (any of the above options): 25%.

Discounts are not cumulative; the highest eligible discount applies.

*These courses are eligible for funding by the "Fundación Tripartita" and put the standard form so that the information can be sent to idiomas@unav.es.

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Level tests

The entrance tests are designed to help you decide which course is right for you.

Each access test has several parts: grammar and vocabulary, reading, listening and speaking. It lasts approximately 45 minutes.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the institute of modern languages Secretariat(idiomas@unav.es).

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  1. Use a computer or tablet with headphones to make the test.

  2. Answer all the questions on test.

  3. Listening comprehension: You will listen to each recording TWICE. The audio is already edited with the repetition.




After completing your test and sending your answers, within TWO working days, a professor will contact you at the telephone number and schedule that you provide. The purpose of this call is to conduct a brief oral interview and to recommend the course offered by the University of Navarra's institute of modern languages that best suits your needs.


enrollment. Steps



Take a level test test (compulsory for new students and intensive courses).



enquiry for dates, prices and schedules on the website


Application materials

result test of level.
Passport-sized photograph (if you are not or have not been student).
You can hand it in on paper or digitally. Payment of the course fee


Formalise the enrollment

In person: institute of modern languages Secretariat located on floor -1 of Amigos Building. schedule from Monday to Friday from 9.30h to 17.00h.

Online: by filling in the form of enrollment and attaching all the documentation.

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Official examinations

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