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Russian / руссский язык

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Russian intro

Russian is the eighth language most widely spoken language in the world, with more than 258 million speakers, including 170 million native speakers, and one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

As language common to a large part of Eurasia, Russian opens many doors, mainly in politics, diplomacy, law, Education, business, intelligence and national security.



  1. Days: Monday and Wednesday
    schedule: 14:00-15:30
    classroom seminar room B6 (Edif. Amigos)
    For further information, please contact
  1. Days: Monday and Wednesday
    schedule: 12:30-14:00
    classroom: seminar room B5 (Edif. Amigos)
    For more information, please contact
  1. Days: Tuesday and Thursday
    schedule: 14:00-15:30
    classroom: conference room Language Meetings (Friends Building)
    More info

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Student typing on a tablet.


How much does it cost me?

General course (semester): 215 €.

The payment of the enrollment can be made by bank transfer (receipt of the deposit in Caja Rural de Navarra IBAN account: ES44 3008 0001 11 2455270823. Beneficiary: Languages, University of Navarra; concept: TRM / National Identity Card or Passport / Name and surname of student and language), or with card of credit .



  • Employees and teachers: 75%.
  • Retired employees and teachers: 75%.
  • Family member employee: 50%.
  • PIF (grant phase): 50%.
  • PIE grant: 50%.
  • University of Navarra students: 25%.
  • Adjunct Professor: 25%.
  • Alumni: 7.5% Alumni: 7.5% Alumni: 7.5% Alumni: 7.5%
  • large family (any category): 7.5%.
  • Summer courses (any of the above options): 25%.

Discounts are not cumulative; the highest eligible discount applies.

*These courses are eligible for funding by the "Fundación Tripartita" and put the standard form so that the information can be sent to

Nested applications

Nested applications


Level tests

The entrance tests are designed to help you decide which course is right for you.

Each access test has several parts: grammar and vocabulary, reading, listening and speaking. It lasts approximately 45 minutes.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the institute of modern languages Secretariat(

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  1. Use a computer or tablet with headphones to make the test.

  2. Answer all the questions on test.

  3. Listening comprehension: You will listen to each recording TWICE. The audio is already edited with the repetition.




After completing your test and sending your answers, within TWO working days, a professor will contact you at the telephone number and schedule that you provide. The purpose of this call is to conduct a brief oral interview and to recommend the course offered by the University of Navarra's institute of modern languages that best suits your needs.


enrollment. Steps



Take a level test test (compulsory for new students and intensive courses).



enquiry for dates, prices and schedules on the website


Application materials

result test of level.
Passport-sized photograph (if you are not or have not been student).
You can hand it in on paper or digitally. Payment of the course fee


Formalise the enrollment

In person: institute of modern languages Secretariat located on floor -1 of Amigos Building. schedule from Monday to Friday from 9.30h to 17.00h.

Online: by filling in the form of enrollment and attaching all the documentation.

Nested applications

Nested applications


Official examinations