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About us

The group "Bonds, creativity and culture" (VCC) was born from the merger of two previous groups ("Emotional culture and identity" and "Creativity and Cultural Heritage"), with the goal to articulate and deepen the relationship between social and cultural dynamics examined in the original projects.

We try to illustrate and reflect on the ways in which social bonds influence creative processes, and vice versa: how cultural and creative processes contribute to consolidate or deteriorate social bonds. For this reason, our research has a markedly interdisciplinary character: conceptual contributions from different human and social sciences (History and Art History, Philosophy, Linguistics, Communication, Musicology) are complemented by attention to historically situated cultural dynamics, focusing especially, though not exclusively, on the Hispanic world.

The research of group aims, in short, to document and reflect on the circularity between social links and cultural and creative processes and, from there, to generate an interdisciplinary dialogue from which concrete proposals in the field of social and cultural policies can follow. 




Julia Pavón

Principal Investigator

Office 2160, Philosophy and Letters

+34 948 425600 Ext: 802615

Inés Olza

Co-Principal Investigator

Office 2030 (2nd floor)

+34 948 425600 Ext: 802226

Ana Marta González

Research fellow

Office 2290, Philosophy and Letters

+34 948 425600 Ext: 803227

Nieves Acedo

Research fellow

Office 2280 (2nd floor)

+34 948 425600 Ext: 803477

Anna Dulska

Research fellow

Office 2040 (2nd floor)

+34 948 425600 Ext: 805617

Albert Recasens

Research fellow

Office 2050 (2nd floor)

+34 948 425600 (805631)

Carlos Veci Lavín

Research fellow

Table, 2nd floor, ICS

+34 948 425600

Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro Barro

Research fellow


María Cristina Bastidas

PhD Student

Table, 2nd floor

Juan Diego Molina

PhD Student

Table, 2nd floor, ICS

Javier Yániz

PhD Student

Table, 2nd floor, ICS


Alessia Pessina

Project Manager


+34 948 425600 Ext: 803430