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Digital technology is increasingly present in our lives. In the younger generations, access to reality - the way they see, grasp, and interpret the world; and the way they live their interpersonal relationships - is increasingly mediated by screens and interconnectivity.

As social beings, we crave deep relationships with our peers. Digital technology, from the internet to social media, promises ease of establishing and maintaining connections and, in many cases, it is a financial aid. In other cases, it becomes a trap, isolating and distancing us; the substitution of the physical for the virtual is associated with a wide range of social and psychological problems, from low self-esteem to addiction or anxiety.

In this project, we seek to understand the role that digital consumption plays in the personal and psychological well-being of young people. We seek to encourage a healthier use of technology and promote behaviours that facilitate a positive integration of the virtual and the physical.



Nested applications


Digital consumption and well-being in young Spaniards

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Wellness in times of pandemic

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Smartphone use, social interactions, and digital well-being in a nationally representative sample of young adults.

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