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Get to know the Degrees and double Degrees of the School of Philosophy and Letters from the inside.

Philosophy, Policy and Economics (PPE)



→ Diploma in Archaeology
→ Double Degree in History and Journalism
→ Double Degree in History and International Office


→ Double Degree in Philosophy and Journalism
→ Double Degree in Law, Philosophy and management Public

Language and Spanish Literature

→ Diploma in Creative Writing
→ Diploma in Language Sciences

The program Shadowing: university student for a day is aimed at freshmen and sophomores who want to experience high school diploma who want to experience what a university workshop is like. They share a few hours with a student from Degree, attend classes with him, get to know the subjects, the professors and the university dynamics.

This activity brings the student closer to Degree in which he/she is interested and can help him/her in his/her decision making.

enquiry Shadowing program schedules and subjects.

To register, complete the form. Once we receive it, we will contact you at contact to work out a personalized plan. If these schedules do not suit you, write us and we will look for an alternative.

More information about the Shadowing program: or (+34) 630 200 875.

Aplicaciones anidadas




subject schedule semester Professor 
Classic World Mon 10-11:30, Thu 8-10 1 Javier Andreu
Prehistory Vi 12-14 1 Paloma Lorente
leave Age average Tue 10-12, Thu 10-12 1 Santi Aurell
Renaissance, Baroque and Enlightenment in Europe Thu 12-13.30, Fri 8-10 1 Javier Azanza 
19th century Spanish history Ma 12-13:30 1 María del Mar Larraza 
World History since 1945 Tu 15:30-17:30, Thur 12-14 1 Pablo Pérez
High Age average Thu 10-12, Fri 12-14 2 María Ángeles de la Borbolla
Cultural Geography Mon 10-12, Tue 10-12 2 Carolina Montoro
History of Spain (20th century) Wed 12-14, Fri 12-14 2 Patxi Caspistegui
Spanish Contemporary Art Ma 10-12 2 Javier Azanza 
Archaeology Mon 8-10, Thu 8-10 2 Javier Andreu and Javier Larequi
Ancient Hispania Wed 8-9:30 1 Javier Andreu
Archaeology Seminars Thu 17:30-19:30 (1st wk) or Wed 18-19:30 (2nd wk) 1 y 2 Javier Andreu/Paloma Lorente
subject schedule semester Professor 
Fundamentals of philosophy Ma 8-9:30, Thu 15:30-17 1 Enrique Alarcón 
History of the Philosophy Antigua Tue 12-14, Fri 11-13 1 Miquel Solans
Political Philosophy Tue 17:30-19:30, Thu 15:30 - 17:30 2 Alfredo Cruz
Aesthetics Ma 8-10 2 Ricardo Piñero
Philosophy of Language Tu 15:30-17:30, Thur 8-10 2 Paloma Pérez Lizarbe
subject schedule semester Professor 
language latin and its culture Wed 12-14 (1sem) and Mo 12-14 (2ndsem) 1 y 2 María Pilar García Ruiz
World Literature I Mon 10-12, Tue 10-12 1 Álvaro Sánchez-Ostiz
Writing Workshop I Ju 8-10 1 Aitor Blanco
Introduction to linguistics Tue 10-12, Wed 10-12 2 Ramón González Ruiz
Spanish as a Romance language language Mon 10-12, Thu 10-12 2 Cristina Tabernero
Creative writing: narrative Tue 12-14, Wed 10-12 2 Javier de Navascués
subject schedule semester Professor 
Philosophy and critical thinking Mo 10-12, Tu 12-14 1 Alejandro Martínez Carrasco
Macroeconomics Tue 17:30-19:30, Fri 10-12 1 Pedro García del Barrio
History of ideas and ideologies Ma 10-12, Thu 12-14 1 Santi Aurell
Rhetoric and oratory Mo 10-12 2 María José Gallucci
Society and politics in today's world Wed 12-14, Fri 8-10 2 Rafael Escobedo
Political and Social Philosophy Tue 17:30-19:30, Fri 10-12 2 Mark Hoipkemier

Aplicaciones anidadas




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