pathway of development Personal and Professional

pathway of development Personal and Professional

The pathway of development Personal and Professional is a set of activities distributed throughout the life of the student that aim to help them develop their skills and competences, and to connect, in the best possible way, with the world of work of their Degree. The goal is threefold:

  • Show student the full potential of the Degree you are studying and what you can and want to do for it.

  • Show companies that a solid skills training plan is in place.

  • Maintain the contact continuous contact with the students

This pathway consists of various types of activities spread over all the years of the course:



This training would take place in January, with the exception of the final year, which would take place in September.

1st The start of a professional career

2º Good work and excellence

3º Gestures that change the world

3rd/4th Frustration and Resilience

4º/5º Transversal competences

4th/5th Transversal competences: Role playing (Willingness to learn, initiative, communication, conflict resolution).

These events are offered to all students of Degree from 2nd/3rd year onwards.

- September - seminar room de CV

- January - The importance of internships

- March - Company Presentations What do they look for in a candidate?

Professional Profile Management

This module is taught in the first semester of the final year. It aims to give students a final push before they take the leap into the world of work:

  • roundtable AA.AA + Official Colleges + spanish pharmacy residency program

  • Presentation of Companies

  • Millenials in the labour market

  • Coaching Day IESE

  • Masters briefing

  • seminar room for a job interview

  • Personal Branding

  • Linkedin Workshop

  • Pharmaceutical Industry What is it?