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Nested applications

Nested applications


What are internships on business?


Time devoted to training activities in companies or public or private institutions (EIPP) supervised by the university, whose goalis to allow students to apply and complement the knowledge acquired in their academic training, favouring the acquisition of skills that prepare them for the exercise of professional activities, facilitate their employability and foster their capacity for entrepreneurship.

Nested applications

Nested applications


Types of practices


Extracurricular external academic internships (voluntary).
Curricular external academic internships for Degreesof CCAA and students of the Science Business Program.

Nested applications

Nested applications


Professional competences that you will be able to acquire





→ Pose and solve qualitative and quantitative problems in the centre of workand researchthrough scientific hypotheses that can be empirically examined and that are based on available knowledge and theories.
→ Analyse and interpret dataand produce concrete reports and documents for EIPP.
→ Understand, critically analyse, discuss, write and present scientific arguments.
→ Plan, develop and evaluate experiments and use the techniques and instruments of experimentation in biology applied to PPE on laboratory.
→ In the corresponding cases, perform appropriately and safely in a laboratory, including the correct handling and disposal of waste.
→ Apply biological knowledge, concepts and theories to internship.
→ Apply ethics from a scientific perspective in the profession and in everyday life.



General information

Nested applications



Internships at businessare regulated by RD 592/2014, therefore, we have to follow the current rules and regulationsfollowing certain obligations.

Nested applications




The students of the double Degreeof Chemistry+ Biochemistry will not be able to enrol in internships at businessbut they will be able to do as many internships as they wish.




The studenthas two tutors: the businesstutor and the tutor academic tutor. The latter will authorise the stay internshipbefore processing the documentation.




The managementservice is provided through Career Services, and anything that is not managed through this service will not be valid.


All students enrolled in any of the Degreesscience courses at School. According to rules and regulationsin force, internships can be taken from 1st year, but Schoolsuggests and encourages students to start in 2nd year, having completed 50% of the credits and having covered certain minimum knowledge requirements.

They are mainly carried out in the summer months, without ruling out the academic yearin cases where the studentcan cope with it. The studentcan do as many internships as he/she wishes throughout the university Degree, and enrol if he/she is interested or not.

Internships can be national or international at any centre subjectas mentioned in point 1. Below are some examples by area:

research: CIMA CIBIR, CSIC, Biodonostia, CIC Biomagune, German Cancer Research, Vienna Biocenter, IDIVAL, CIMUS, Achucarro, MD Anderson Houston, FISEVI, Josep Carreras Foundation, CNIO, FINBA, Luxembourg Institute of Health, QIMR Berghofer, Quadram Institute,

laboratoryOsakidetza, Osasunbidea, Sergas, Eurofins, Megalab, Synlab, Vithas, Massachusetts General Hospital, Quirón, CUN, Clínica San Miguel, Hospital San Juan de Dios, H. 12 de Octubre.

Companies: Viscofan, CINFA, 3P Bio, L'Oreal, CNTA, Telum Therapeutics, Nucaps, Nulab, GSK, Rovi, Nim Genetics, Moderna, Janssen, Nuori Cosmetics, Laboratorios Leti, Laboratorios Puig, Bayer Healthcare, Heinz, CNTA, Michelin, Evolgene, Bioinnova, Accenture, Bosonit, Thermofisher Scientific, CIMA Labs.

Universities: UPNA, UCM, UAM, UPV, Campus Straubing, U. Luxemburg, O. Oxford, U. Antwerp, U. Portsmouth, U. Manoa-Hawaii, U. California, U.Tec. Indoamericana de Ecuador, U. Chile, U. Buenos Aires, Eastern Washington University, Curtin University, Harvard Medical School, Kings College London, Queen's University of Belfast, Rockefeller University.

Sustainability and MA: VW , CSIC, Mancomunidad Montejurra, Gamesa, Repsol, Acciona, Natuwa-Costa Rica, Adventure Volunteer, Bios CV,INTIA, Gan-nik, Government of Navarra, Aspen Walley Wildlife Sanctuary (Rosseau), Factor CO2, Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Genève, Zoo de Barcelona, Faunia.

The total hours of the placement are to be agreed between studentand the centre. For the enrollmentinternship at businessit will be as follows.

→ 75 h=3 credits

→ 150h=6 credits

→ 225h=9 credits

If the studentdoes more hours, he/she will not be able to take more credits. Those extra hours will be for their own benefit, thus completing their trainingas professional experience.


How to do an internship?

Nested applications

Nested applications


A.- Through the vacancies offered by Schoolin its portal of employmentandapply to its selection processes.



B.- Search on my own: accompanied by a professional delegate. Through the manager assigned to your Schoolyou can take quotationfrom career guidanceto help you focus your search staffbased on your tastes and interests.


If you get placein any of the two modalities you have to notify career services to formalise the documentation. It will be the academic tutor who will validate the stay internshipbefore managing the documentation.


enrollmenty management

Nested applications


Internship at business is a subjectelective subject , therefore, studentwill be able to enrol in the regular period of enrollment(June or July).

→ Those internships that do not coincide with the workFin de Degree(TFG) will be enrolled. Check this before enrolling to avoid problems in the future.

deadline for un-enrolment: first week of the course

assessmentProfessor Rafael Miranda is the manager of the subject and will be the one to evaluate it. To do so, he will take into account the evaluations of the tutors and the report submitted by the student through his own questionnaire of assessment. The grade will appear in the transcript at the end of May/beginning of June.

→ The closing and managementof documentation of the stay internshipwill be managed through the career services service, supervised by your career manager, Cristina Martínez Cabañas.


Application materials

Nested applications


Any stay internshipto be carried out must be notified to the career services service in order to process the following:

Nested applications


agreementof partnership between the centre and the University of Navarra.



Annex to agreement: it is the document that gathers all the information of the stay internshipgiving the insurance policywith the insurance of RC and accidents in favour of the student. This document must be signed by the businessand the student before the start of the stay. It is the formal commitment to carry out the stay, so the studentwill not be able to renounce to carry out the stay except in case of force majeure.


→ The tutors will make a assessmentof internship program.

→ The studentwill make a assessmentof their internship and must attach a scanned reportand certificatein a single document.

Internships are not remunerated, except for centres that expressly wish to grant some subjectof financial aidto the student (contribution to positionof the business).


Who are we?

Nested applications

Nested applications


Cristina Martínez Cabañas
managementand Processing
Career Manager of the Schoolof Science


Rafael Miranda
Full Professor
assessmentof the subject
department of Environmental Biology