The R programming language is gaining popularity, especially for the processing of data using the most common statistical methods, mainly due to its power and ease of use. This course will provide student with the practical knowledge necessary to carry out a data analysis in this programming environment in an autonomous way. It starts from a very basic level, explaining the rudiments of R programming and basic statistical techniques. It then deals with the most common situations in the treatment of data: presentation of the data, hypothesis testing, and model fitting.

No prior knowledge of R is required. However, a basic knowledge of statistics is necessary, as the theoretical concepts that will be used are not strictly part of the course content. knowledge .

The classes will be eminently practical: students will be required to study the material provided beforehand, and the classroom hours will be largely devoted to trying to acquire skill in the art of processing data.

The course is aimed at students of doctorate of area of Sciences, professionals from the University of Navarra and CIMA, and professionals from outside the University of Navarra.