Old private documents (1600-1900)

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This corpus of old texts, dated before 1900, aims to make available to all those interested in the linguistic history of the Iberian Peninsula the documentation from archives kept in private homes in Navarre, which contain texts of very diverse typology. Alongside notarial copies or transfers (wills, marriage contracts, etc.), there are private writings, such as letters, receipts, banknotes or notices, or, in the case of former parish priests' houses, sermons and biblical exegeses. Most of the documents are written in Spanish, although there is no shortage of texts in Basque, which, precisely because they are located in areas where language coexisted with Spanish, constitute material of indisputable sociolinguistic value.

From agreement in accordance with the criteria of the network CHARTA (Corpus hispánico y americano en la network), to which several members of the team belong, the documents are presented in a triple version: firstly, a palaeographic transcription is offered; then, the text is edited(critical presentation) and, finally, the facsimile is provided so that direct access to the texts is possible.

This corpus will therefore serve the work of palaeographers, historians - especially those interested in the history of private life and mentalities - linguists, ethnographers and all those who wish to gain first-hand knowledge of the language and local customs.



Cristina Tabernero conference room

Member of the international network CHARTA

Cristina Tabernero conference room

University of Navarra

31009 Pamplona, Spain

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Cristina Tabernero conference room is Professor of language Spanish at department of Philology of the University of Navarra. Member of group CHARTA. 

Concepción Martínez Pasamar is Professor of language Spanish at the department de Philology of the University of Navarra. Member of group CHARTA. 

Maite Iraceburu is professor of language Spanish at the School of Filologia e critica delle letterature antiche e moderne at the Università degli Studi di Siena and postdoctoral researcher at the Università degli Studi di Bologna. Member of group CHARTA.

Naiara Ardanaz holds a PhD in Art History and is Deputy Director of the Chair of language and Basque Culture at the University of Navarra.

Contributions from team members related to the corpus documents are collected here:

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  • Martínez Pasamar, Concepción and Cristina Tabernero (2013): "Ortografía y alfabetización a partir de la edición de fuentes escritas del siglo XIX", Cilengua (Cuadernos del high school de Historia de la language), 6-8, 199-227.

  • Martínez Pasamar, Concepción and Cristina Tabernero (2012): Hablar en Navarra: las lenguas de un reino (1212-1512), Pamplona, Gobierno de Navarra.

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