Electives 2023-2024

We advise you to consult with your academic advisor staff the choice of electives. Students of the respective Degrees will be able to choose as subject elective subject the one that is marked by a .



  Charác ECTS CREDIT Dept./
language and Spanish Literature (Plan 2022) Spanish Philology (Plan 2014) Literature and Creative Writing (Plan 2017) Philosophy (2015 Plan) PPE (Plan 2018) History (Plan 2015) Hist + Arque (Plan 2018) Humanities (2015 Plan)
Philosophical analysis of law  OP 3,0 FIA      
Corporate Diplomacy and Business-Government Relations OP 3,0 HAG              
Questions of Basque history OP 3,0 HAG  
Children's and Young Adult Literature  OP 3,0 FLL  
International Public Law (Gr. Dcho. 09) OB 6,0 DCHO              
development personal and leadership OP 3,0 FCOM              
teachinglanguage OP 3,0 FLL  
Philosophy of history  OB 3,0 FIA       ob      
20th century philosophy  OP 3,0 FIA              
Political philosophy from the ancient to the modern world OB 6,0 FIA       ob     ob
Contemporary political philosophy OB 3,0 FIA           ob
Financial Accounting I (Gr. Eco Bilingual + Data Analytics) OB 6,0 ECO              
Forms and supports of creative writing OP 3,0 FLL        
Economic and political geography OB 4,5 HAG         ob ob  
Wars and revolutions in the contemporary world OP 3,0 HAG  
History and Philosophy of Logic OB 3,0 FIA       ob      
History of Modern Philosophy OB 6,0 FIA       ob      
History of Ancient Philosophy OB 6,0 FIA       ob      
History of the Far East OP 3,0 HAG
Human Rights and Political Thought OP 6,0 DCHO              
State-building OB 3,0 DCHO              
language and society OB 6,0 FLL ob            
Lexicology and semantics OB 6,0 FLL   ob          
Spanish-American Literature II OB 3,0 FLL   ob          
Modern literature OB 6,0 FLL   ob          
Logistics (Faculty of Economics) OB 6,0 ECO              
Classic World OB 6,0 FLL   ob ob   ob    
Museology and museography  OB 3,0 HAG     ob
Population OB 3,0 HUM     ob
Pragmatism OP 3,0 FIA        
Probability and Statistics (Gr. Ecob + Data Analytics) OB 6,0 ECO              
Public Diplomacy OP 3,0 DCHO              
Information Systems (Faculty of Economics) OB 6,0 ECO              
Sociology of culture and interculturality OB 6,0 HUM     ob
Writing Workshop I OP 3,0 FLL          
Language theory and general linguistics  OB 6,0 FLL   ob          
Theodicy. Existence of God OB 4,5 FIA       ob      
Moral Theory OB 6,0 FIA       ob      
Tax Theory (Gr. Economics Bilingual) OB 6,0 ECO              
Utopia and revolution OP 3,0 FIA    
Velázquez: distant stains that are true OP 3,0 HAG    
World politics (Gr.Rel.Intern.-15 + Law) OB 6,0 DCHO              
Love and Affectivity in Early Modernity  OP 3,0 FIA  
Climate change, environmental protection  OB 6,0 DCHO              
Entrepreneurial Competencies (Gr. Adeb + Innovation and Entrepreneur_20) OB 6,0 ECO              
knowledge and language OB 6,0 FIA       ob      
Behavior in Organizations (Gr. Ade + D.Empr. y Estra._20) OB 3,0 ECO              
Conflict Analysis and Resolution (Gr.Rel.Intern.-15) OB 3,0 DCHO              
Customs and traditions: Basque ethnohistory  OP 3,0 HAG  
Cooperation to development and attendance EU humanitarian aid OB 3,0 DCHO              
Development economics (Gr. Ecob + Int. Eco. and Fin.) OB 3,0 ECO              
Personnel Management Service (Gr. Ade + Dcon. of Business & Strategy_20) OB 3,0 ECO              
Economic Growth and Cycles (Gr. Ecob + Data Analytics) OB 6,0 ECO              
Spanish as a Romance language language  OB 6,0 FLL ob            
Entrepreneurship (Gr. Adeb + Innovation and Entrep.) OB 6,0 ECO              
Roman epigraphy and institutions OB 3,0 HAG     ob
Aesthetics OB 3,0 FIA     ob      
Strategies of speech in digital entrepreneurship. OP 3,0 HAG ob
Philosophy of science OB 6,0 FIA       ob      
Philosophy of language OB 6,0 FIA       ob      
19th century philosophy OB 6,0 FIA       ob      
Philosophy of the Renaissance OP 3,0 FIA      
Philosophy of nature OB 6,0 FIA       ob      
Cultural geography OB 6,0 HAG         ob ob  
management of Performing Arts (Op) with Taller de artes escénicas 3º LEC OP 3,0 FLL     ob        
Global Communication OB 3,0 FCOM            
Great Readings of the Classical World  OP 3,0 FLL        
Contemporary Latin American History  OB 4,5 HAG         ob ob  
History of culture in the contemporary world OB 4,5 HAG         ob ob  
History of Spain 20th Century (Gr. Humanities) OB 3,0 HAG       ob
History of medieval philosophy OB 6,0 FIA       ob      
History of music OB 3,0 HUM       ob
History of cinema and photography OB 3,0 HAG       ob
International Relations (1º Gr. Rel. Internac.15) OB 6,0 DCHO              
International Project Management (Gr.Rel.Intern) OB 3,0 DCHO              
John Henry Newman: Heart Speaks to Heart OP 3,0 FIA  
The Geopolitics of the World System (Op PPE) OP 3,0 HAG              
Emotions in History: 16th-18th centuries OP 3,0 HAG    
Law and the State (Gr.Rel.Intern.-15) OB 6,0 DCHO              
language latin II OP 3,0 FLL        
Leadership (Gr. Ecob + Leadership and Governance_20) OP 3,0 ECO              
Metaphysics of Being  OP 6,0 FIA       ob      
Migration Policies of the EU (Gr.Rel.Intern.-15) OB 6,0 DCHO              
Principles of Business administration (Gr. Eco Bilingual + Data Analytics) OB 6,0 ECO              
Spanish Constitutional Regime. Right sources. OB 6,0 DCHO              
War stories and testimonies  OP 3,0 FLL
Corporate social responsibility OB 6,0 ECO              
Sustainability OB 6,0 ECO              
Writing Workshop III OP 3,0 FLL              
Writing Workshop II OP 3,0 FLL no          
Archaeology workshop (4th year Hª+Arqu) laboratory*** OB x HAG             ob  
Research Techniques in Archaeology OB 3,0 HAG           ob
Unamuno, Ortega and Zambrano OP 3,0 FIA  
International Seminars II, III, IV OP 1,5 FLL   no  
language latin and its culture OB 6,0 FLL   ob ob    
Practicum I OB 3,0 HUM     ob
Archaeology Seminars I, II, III, IV  OB 3,0 HAG           ob  


Gr. language and Literature + Diploma in Language Sciences (This Diploma is not offered to new students in 1st year 23/24)

Gr. language and Literature + Diploma in Creative Writing