Charles Darwin and religion: the story of a dialogue between science and faith

Author: Juan Pablo Martínez Rica
Date of publication: Pamplona, 8 April 2014

Professor Juan Pablo Martínez Rica is vice-president of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Zaragoza, researcher Scientist of the committee Superior de Investigaciones Científicas and former member of the Pirenaico de Ecología (CSIC).director of the high school Pirenaico de Ecología (CSIC).

summary : The purpose of seminar room is to present the different theories of evolution, and especially Darwinism, from the point of view of the believer, highlighting the aspects related to the religious experience, but also alluding, as it is indispensable, to the scientific aspects. The talk will focus on Darwin's life and work, but will also allude to his predecessors and successors. The aim is to convey some fundamental ideas: that Darwin was the author of the greatest scientific and cultural revolution in history and that he was a good Christian for a significant part of his life, and a good person throughout it.