Short film on Georges Lemaître and the Big Bang

Author: Ismael Durán

Short film about Georges Lemaître as the father of the big bang.
Priest and scientist, search engine of the truth.

Based on the book "The story of the beginning" by Edardo Riaza.
Directed by Ismael Durán.

Georges Lemaître was born in Belgium in 1894.
In 1919 he finished his studies in Physics and Mathematics at programs of study .
He was ordained a priest in 1923.
That same year he obtained a scholarship to study Astrophysics at Cambridge.
The following year he completed his programs of study at Harvard University and began his doctorate at MIT.
Back in Belgium in 1925, he was hired to teach at the University of Leuven.
In 1927 he writes a paper on the expansion of the universe, work .
In 1931, he suggested that the universe might have had a beginning.
He makes programs of study on cosmic rays to corroborate the hypothesis of the "primitive atom".
Lemaître dies in 1966 at the age of 71.