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The New Scientific Study of Religion: Contributions, Limits and Challenges

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seminar room from group Science, Reason and Faith

Lluis Oviedo. Pamplona, 18 October 2016.


About speaker: 

Lluis Oviedo is Full Professor of Theological Anthropology at the Pontifical University Antonianum. Some of his books are: "La secularización como problema", "Altruismo y caridad" and "La fe cristiana ante los nuevos desafíos sociales". Co-publisher with Anne Runehov of the Encyclopedia of Sciences and Religions, 4 vols. His current research is in the field of the cognitive sciences of religion and their theological impact.


The last 15 years have seen an extensive development in the application of cognitive and evolutionary methods to the study of religion. The accumulated bibliography is very extensive and various orientations are outlined, with wide-ranging debates between their respective representatives. However, there has also been a growing issue of critics who highlight its limits and errors, as well as the lack of empirical evidence that afflicts a large part of this project. It is time to take stock in order to discern what these developments may have brought us, especially for a better knowledge of the Christian faith, and for the dialogue between faith and science; as well as to understand their errors and respond to the challenges they have posed.

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