Science and faith. Ideas for an impact

Author: Ignacio Sols Lucia
Date of publication: Pamplona, 18 February 2014

Professor Ignacio Sols Lucia, is Full Professor emeritus of algebra at the School of Mathematics of the Complutense University.

summaryChristianity took over from Islam a mathematics fundamentally created by Greek antiquity, and developed it until it became a descriptive model of the material reality, more and more adjusted. The only case of civil service examination of the Church to a scientific hypothesis did not have negative consequences for science but, on the contrary - and unintentionally - had a very positive one. The historical balance of the Church's relations with science, for and against, is therefore overwhelmingly favorable. Why then is it believed that Christianity has always been a hindrance to science? In the philosophical realm, the balance in favor of the congruence of the Christian faith with new discoveries - for example, the absence of determinism in the behavior of the subject, and the dating of the world at 13.76 billion years - is also overwhelming. Why then is it believed that faith is threatened by the advance of science? In my talk essay an answer and I propose some ideas for current Christian scientists to change this misperception of large sectors of today's culture.