Hermeneutics as an interdisciplinary horizon: a view from the law and its history.

Author: Rafael García Pérez
Date of publication: Pamplona, 15 January 2013

Rafael García Pérez is professor of History of Law at the University of Navarra and has recently been awarded the award Internacional de History of Law Indiano "Ricardo Levene".

summaryFor decades, the University has been immersed in an identity crisis linked to the loss not only of an original unity capable of giving meaning to the different fields of knowledge that are integrated within it, but also to the withdrawal of any hope of finding this unity.

In the field of Law, as in other disciplines, this historical process has resulted not only in a progressive disconnection and inability to dialogue with other branches of knowledge, but also in an internal fragmentation of its own sub-disciplines.

The hermeneutics developed since the middle of the last century, especially by authors such as Pareyson or Ricoeur, offers a possibility of reconstructing the internal unity of law and its intrinsic relationship with other branches of knowledge through the recovery of the staff dimension of the human knowledge .