Human intelligence and artificial intelligence: perspectives

Author: Manuel Alfonseca.
Date of publication: Pamplona, 17 March 2015.

Manuel Alfonseca holds a PhD in Telecommunications Engineering and graduate in Computer Science. He has extensive professional experience in the world of business (IBM) and in academia: he has been a professor at the Complutense and Autonomous Universities of Madrid, where he has been Full Professor and director of the Polytechnic School. He is currently Honorary Professor. He has signed numerous scientific publications and is developing a wide dissemination work. He has also written historical and science fiction novels.

summaryIn the seminar room the limits of human intelligence in relation to mathematics are reviewed. The concept of artificial intelligence, its applications and the difficulties that such applications have encountered are discussed. Turing's test as a way of detecting the presence of intelligence and the philosophical objections to such test, such as Searle's Chinese room argument, are examined. Finally, some prospects for the immediate future of artificial intelligence are presented, including general considerations about consciousness.