Texts, articles and reviews with the label: 'Self-creation'.

Download PDFDoes the universe need an explanation outside itself if it already has its physical laws that even allow us to think of "self-creation"?

summaryDistinction between the natural causes of phenomena, which are explained by science (with its method that raises hypotheses and validates them little by little), and the ultimate cause of everything, which can only be studied by philosophy and theology. The idea of self-creation is criticised.
Author: Javier Sánchez Cañizares

TextCurrent Cosmology, Philosophy and Religion

summary: Article on the expansion of the universe and the history of explanations: the stable universe, the big-bang, the pulsating universe, the self-creation of the universe (with its attempt to expel the creator) and final reflections on method in science, philosophy and religion and its possibilities.
Author: Carlos Alberto Marmelada Sebastián

TextQuantum cosmology and the origin of the universe. Physics and creation 

summaryCommentary on the article Cosmología cuántica y creación del universo, published by Jonathan J. Halliwell in Investigación y Ciencia (nº 185, February 1992, pp. 12-20), in which he clarifies the concept of self-creation of the subject held by some current physicists.
Author: Mariano Artigas