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Darwin and religion: the story of a dialogue between science and faith 

Author: Juan Pablo Martínez Rica

Evolution is a divine tool 

summaryInterview with Karl W. Giberson. Participation in television debates on evolution and creationism make Karl W. Giberson, physicist and Christian theologian, an important figure when talking about the clash between science and faith. Are Darwin's ideas evidence for the non-existence of God?
Author: Emili J. Blasco

Theory of Evolution

summaryThe beginning of the theory of evolution, the Darwin/Wallace theory of evolution, discussion around Darwin's theory, the principles of genetics, synthetic theory, molecular biology and genetics, some scientific questions debated around the theory of evolution, selectionism versus neutralism, punctuationism versus gradualism, notion of species, importance of natural selection in evolution, more we know, more debates, philosophical reflection and theory of evolution, theory of evolution and evolutionism, evolution and finality, bibliography.
Author: Santiago Collado González