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Towards a description of complexity (physics)Video and presentation

summaryThe concept of physical complexity is elusive. Some formalizations have been achieved, which are only valid for some specific cases of complexity. Several phenomena and the common notes that allow them to be classified as physically complex are presented.
Author: Diego Maza

TextLesson 2021: How does God act in casual events? Video

summaryThere are fortuitous events apparently irreconcilable with a creative plan. In order to clarify the problem, the notion of chance is presented, the ideas of Thomas Aquinas and some current authors are presented and it is concluded how divine intentionality and providence are compatible with chance natural laws .
Author: Juan José Sanguineti

Open Reason. A personal proposal

summaryThe author's intellectual trajectory, theological and scientific knowledge (the latter in relation to quantum mechanics), the need for multidisciplinarity and the concept of open reason: openness to truth, both scientific and theological, are examined.
Author: Javier Sánchez Cañizares.

A synthesis of the philosophy of physics by Mariano Artigas

summaryThe main theses of Mariano Artigas' philosophy of physics (form, creation, self-organisation, indeterminism and its connection with providence) are presented, showing scientists that the dialogue between St. Thomas, current physics and faith is perfectly possible.
Author: Gabriel Zanotti

PresentationOn divine action in the world

summary summary : history of the history of ideas on the relationship between God and the world: Thales, Aristotle, Christian contribution and synthesis of St. Thomas, and current approaches with a scientistic and naturalistic background. Solutions to the aporias of current reflection are proposed, following Zizinski.
Author: Enrique Moros.

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What is determinism in physics?  

summary summary of the main positions that have been taken historically on determinism and indeterminism: within Aristotelian causality, within the Newtonian approach to the laws of nature, and within the formalist interpretation of the principle of indeterminacy and the physics of chaos, with some concluding reflections on the interpretation of science.
Author: Santiago Collado, Héctor Velázquez

Libertarianism in the face of experiments "subject Libet". 

summary: Benjamin Libet's experiments on the temporal sequence in the electrophysiology of certain voluntary acts have produced a discussion in philosophy and neuroscience. Many authors have seen in them a convincing test against the existence of free actions. More recent experiments, carried out with fMRI or deep electrodes, seem to lead to the same conclusion. However, the argumentation followed by their defenders has received important criticism.
Author: José Manuel Muñoz Ortega

Evolutionary contingency and the purpose of the cosmos

summaryThis essay examines the standard understanding of biological evolution - causation plus selection - with its denial of the teleology of the evolutionary process, together with the problems of reconciling it with the divine governance of the world, and the alternative of admitting teleological processes that show the divine provident plan embedded in nature.
Author: Ernan McMullin

A lot of science gives back to God

summaryDescription of the elegance of the physical explanation of the universe, at the microscopic and macroscopic level, with its aspects of solidity and indeterminacy at different levels, and explanation of the internal and external limits of science....
Author: Fernando Sols

Neuroscience and freedom. An interdisciplinary approach 

summaryFor many neuroscientists and philosophers of mind, the phenomenon of freedom can be fully explained by neuroscience. This paper attempts to show that a careful study of the situation and perspectives of Neuroscience reveals to what extent this thesis is problematic.
Author: José M. Giménez-Amaya and José I. Murillo

Time, consciousness and freedom: considerations on the experiments of B. Libet and collaborators. 

summaryThis article is about the experiment by Libet and his colleagues on conscious decisions and others inspired by it. The discussion concentrates especially on two themes. Firstly, on the relation between consciousness and time. And, secondly, on the idea of freedom that is presupposed in these experiments.
Author: José Ignacio Murillo and José Manuel Giménez-Amaya