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Video and presentationThe man before the man 

summaryThe scientific findings are described which show that early humans (Homo habilis) emerged from bipedal ancestors 4 million years ago and are identifiable in the fossil record as early as 2 million years ago.
Author: Daniel Turbón

Human genetic diversity 100,000 years ago Video and presentation

summaryHuman palaeogenetic studies based on mitochondrial DNA are described, as well as studies of Neanderthals, with special emphasis on the study of Denisovans and their relationships with other branches of the human lineage.
Author: Daniel Turbón

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PPTHuman genetic diversity 100,000 years ago 

Author: Daniel Turbón

PDFOur cousins the Denisovans 

summary: About 40,000 years ago three Humanities occupied the Earth: homo sapiens, neanderthals and denisovans, a group of which nothing was known and from which we inherited part of the immune system.
Author: Jesús Rubio

New data, new questions:The growing complexity of human evolution

summary:: The human evolution is very complex, new discoveries, new questions, a common point, the new discoveries.
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada

On the origin of human intelligence

summaryThe brain as an organ of understanding, Can we know scientifically how human intelligence arose, Darwin or Wallace?
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada