Texts, articles and reviews with the label: 'Mecanicism'.

Video and presentationArgument of design and fifth way of St. Thomas 

summaryThe so-called argument of design is often identified with the fifth way of St. Thomas. However, they are different: both start from the natural order, but they focus on a different order subject , different subject of finality, different causality, and reach different conclusions: they are not comparable.
Author: Santiago Collado

How do the theory of evolution and the doctrine of creation fit together? 

Author: Mariano Artigas

summary: The meaning of the scientific revolution, three images of nature, organicism and mechanicism, the systemic perspective, scientific truth, the scope of the scientific perspective.
Author: Mariano Artigas

Articulating science and theology: presuppositions and implications of science

summary: This article studies the presuppositions of science that allow a theoretical connection with theology: consistency of the natural world that allows its systematic study, the ordered nature of the world and the contingency of the natural world, which refers to causes superior to nature itself.
Author: Mariano Artigas

God and Evolution

summary article on the compatibility between evolution and belief in God, with references to the 'Schömborg affair' and the Magisterium of the Church. Author: Cardinal Avery Dulles

The mind of the universe

summary: Study of the connection between God's intelligent plan for the world and its unravelling by means of the scientific business .
Author: Mariano Artigas