Texts, articles and reviews under label: 'unity'.

summaryThe meaning of the scientific revolution, three images of nature, organicism and mechanicism, the systemic perspective, scientific truth, the scope of the scientific perspective.
Author: Mariano Artigas

TextHas the notion of the soul become obsolete?

summaryA synthetic description of the notion of the soul: the relationship with the living being in action and with its unity, the peculiarities of the human soul, the simplification of Cartesian dualism, the concept of the soul in the scientific sphere and the questions of method for its study.
Author: Santiago Collado

Is everything subject? Is materialism the only possible interpretation?

summary: Study of the problems posed by the concept of subject: initial insufficiency due to circularity in the definition, extension of its study to philosophy, description of the materialist and spiritualist monisms, and recognition of the duality of material and non-material facets of reality.
Author: Santiago Collado

Science-faith dialogue to build a culture of respect for human beings, human dignity and freedom

summaryThe work of synthesis of the sciences to obtain a global vision of the world, and the synthesis with philosophy and religion to build a culture of respect for mankind.
Author: speech of the Holy Father Benedict XVI

Scientific spirit and religious faith according to Manuel García Morente

summaryReflections by García Morente on the reaction of the scientist's rejection of faith: the argument of scientific progress, which would make religion unnecessary. Reflection on the philosophy of history and the unity of vital experience.
Author: Sergio Sánchez-Migallón

Author: José Ángel Lombo and José Manuel Giménez Amaya

The spirituality of the human being

summaryExposition of the Christian doctrine on the superiority of man in the world, and his spiritual nature, image of God, as the foundation of this superiority.
Author: Mariano Artigas

The fragmentation and "compartmentalisation" of knowledge according to Alasdair MacIntyre

summary summary of MacIntyre's position on the fragmentation of current knowledge in the university teaching , coincidence with the ideas of Professor Lluís Clavell and a note of solutions for a sapiential and interdisciplinary training in the University.
Author: José Manuel Giménez Amaya