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Texts, articles and reviews with the label: 'vida' (life)

The contemporary desire for a technified salvation text

summaryAging must be seen in the context of the whole of human life. The current reductive vision does not see the natural purpose of corporeal life, and thinks that the physical aspect of man must be technically optimized, leading to a human void.
Authors: Jorge Martín Montoya, José Manuel Giménez Amaya

TextHas the notion of the soul become obsolete?

summaryA synthetic description of the notion of the soul: the relationship with the living being in action and with its unity, the peculiarities of the human soul, the simplification of Cartesian dualism, the concept of the soul in the scientific sphere and the questions of method for its study.
Author: Santiago Collado

Aquinas on Intelligent Extra-Terrestrial Life

summaryAquinas took an interest in the question of whether there were intelligent material beings other than humans in the universe, both as a philosopher and as a theologian. As a philosopher he sought to understand the order of the universe and this entails ascertaining what beings are in the universe. As a theologian he sought knowledge of created beings insofar as it leads to a greater understanding, admiration, and love of the creator, and also insofar as it frees one from superstitious beliefs which pose an obstacle to faith in God. Although Aquinas was unable to approach the question of the existence of intelligent extra-terrestrial life from the scientific perspective of our day, he does raise some generally overlooked philosophical questions regarding the status of such beings. His theological reflections are helpful for addressing the frequently voiced claim that the discovery of intelligent extraterrestrial life would spell the end of Christianity. Aquinas's position is that it is possible that ETs of a certain sort exist, but improbable that they do. I will begin by considering Aquinas's philosophical positions on the possibility of ET life, and then will take up his theological views thereon, closing with his arguments regarding the probability of ET life.
Author: Marie I. George (St. John's University, Jamaica, New York)

Easeful Death. Is There a Case for Assisted Dying?

summaryAbsolute autonomy of the patient, the need to legally accept the financial aid to suicide, invalidity of contrary arguments.
Author: Antonio Pardo

PresentationThe origin of life

summary speaker gives the session in an informative tone, and summarises some of the most recent findings in support of the various existing theories on the origin of life on Earth.
Author: Francisco Javier Novo

Scientific spirit and religious faith according to Manuel García Morente

summaryReflections by García Morente on the reaction of the scientist's rejection of faith: the argument of scientific progress, which would make religion unnecessary. Reflection on the philosophy of history and the unity of vital experience.
Author: Sergio Sánchez-Migallón

Science from the perspective of faith. Scientific knowledge does not question the existence of God.

Author: Alister McGrath

The four current worldviews

summaryAnalogy and the fundamental levels of experience. Constructivist materialism. Vitalist naturalism. The whole as spirit. A personal universe: God and mankind. The drift of the enlightened mentality.
Author: Juan Luis Lorda

Download PDFThe unity of the person

summaryAn interdisciplinary approach from philosophy and neuroscience.
Author: José Ángel Lombo y José Manuel Giménez Amaya

Mechanics, science and principles. An interpretation from Polo

summaryArticle on the Newtonian interpretation of the world and its insufficiency for a complete cosmovision, following philosophical approaches by Leonardo Polo.
Author: Santiago Collado González

The Catholic Faith, Scripture, and the Question of the Existence of Intelligent Extra-terrestrial Life

summaryStudy of the possibility of rational extraterrestrial life in the context of Catholic doctrine: the problems raised concern above all the unique origin of the human race, its salvation by Christ and the possibility of another Incarnation to redeem this other world.
Author: Marie I. George (St. John's University, New York)