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Tit_Neurobiology of action, decision and habitus

Neurobiology of action, decision and habitus

seminar room of group Science, Reason and Faith.
Javier Bernácer, researcher of group "Mind-Brain" of Institute for Culture and Society (ICS).
17 September 2013.

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Txt_Neurobiology of action, decision and habitus


The presentation of this seminar room exposes, in a way that is understandable for experts from other disciplines, the neurobiological instructions of human action in a broad sense. First, the simplest mode of human action, voluntary movement, is discussed. Then, levels of complexity are added and the decisive role of the basal ganglia in the enrichment of action and in the selection of actions is explained. This phenomenon is completed with the

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Txt_Neurobiology of action, decision and habit2

network that form the cerebral cortex ventromedial, the nuclei of entrance of the basal ganglia and the substantia nigra, and their involvement in decision-making and reinforcement learning. Finally, we outline the proposal that neuroscience has tried to give to the study of habitus, the problems involved, and the novel approach we propose in our group of research. 

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