Is it possible to talk about God in the context of contemporary science?

Author: Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti.
Date of publication: Pamplona, 20 October 2015.

Prof. Giuseppe Tanzella-Niti is Ordinary of Fundamental Theology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome. He has been researcher in radio astronomy at the CNR in Bologna and astronomer at the Turin Observatory. publisher of the Interdisciplinary Dictionary of Science and Faith (DISF). The complete data of his curriculum vitae is available at: http://www.tanzella-nitti.it/en.

"In the scientific method and in the activity of the man of science, as a human activity staff, there are openings, points of connection with transcendence. Professor Artigas used to speak of presuppositions in the scientific work . We can also speak of openings. I especially like the image of the windows. The scientific work is a house where the method governs the way of living in that house, what can and cannot be done. Method, praxis, rules. But that house has windows that allow one to look outside. The windows as such belong to the house. Those openings, those hooks, are part of the everyday work , but to see what lies beyond requires the effort of leaning out of the window and, in doing so, the scientist does not lose his rationality. He does not stop being a good scientist, he does not change his activity: he is still a man, a man in search of truth".