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Tit_Mind Transfer and Secularism

Mind transfer and secularism

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Text_Mind transfer and secularism

Mind transfer and secularism

seminar room of group Science, Reason and Faith.
Leandro Gaitán. Pamplona, 20 March 2018.


Leandro Gaitán holds a PhD from Philosophy and is Professor at School of Education and Psychology at the University of Navarra. He is also partner intern of group Mind-brain of the ICS and member partner of the CRYF.


The major aspiration of the transhumanist movement is to extend life indefinitely by technological means, specifically through a procedure known as mind uploading. This procedure consists of keeping our minds fully operational after death by transferring them to a technological artefact, i.e. a non-biological substrate that allows man to emancipate himself from his bodily "confinement".

The seminar room explains the life extension methods promoted by the transhumanist movement, paying particular attention to the mind transfer method, and offers arguments to show the secularist matrix in which this method is embedded. Precisely in its attempt to bring immortality under exclusive human control, project mind transfer takes the process of secularisation to a level never before seen in history.