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Students at School of Medicine at the University of Navarra receive a solid theoretical and conceptual training which is combined with extensive preparation at the internship medical centre. This consistent training internship is possible thanks to clinical rotations in a wide range of hospitals and medical centres, combining public and private, national, regional and county hospitals, as well as general, specialised and primary care centres.

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Partner hospitals and clinics

The Clínica Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona is a 75,000 square metre hospital centre organised around 50 Departments doctors and 10 specialised areas. All analytical, radiodiagnostic, medical and surgical tests are carried out in the hospital itself. It has 400 beds, 15 operating theatres, paediatric and general ICU, and a special hospitalisation unit, among other resources. It is the private hospital of reference letter in the North of Spain for four transplant programmes and was the first Spanish hospital to be accredited by the Joint International Commission.

Its new headquarters in Madrid is a state-of-the-art hospital opened in 2017 and is located in the campus urban campus of the University of Navarra in the Spanish capital.

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The Navarra Hospital Complex has around 1,000 beds and around 6,000 professionals organised into 43 clinical services. Annually, it performs more than 40,000 admissions, 33,000 surgical procedures and more than 750,000 consultations.

area It is the hospital of reference letter for the population of the metropolitan area of Pamplona, although it is also the centre of reference letter for some services for the inhabitants of the whole of the Autonomous Community of Navarre.

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Regional hospital for the area of Tierra Estella (southern half of Navarre). It belongs to the Navarra Health Service and offers more than 30 medical areas, including Accident and Emergency.

The Family Medicine and Primary Care centres in Navarre attend 1,800,000 general consultations and 400,000 paediatric consultations per year. Managed by the Navarra Health System, they have 28 centres at reference letter in the region with the capacity professor to take in medical and nursing students every year.

The network of Mental Health Centres is made up of 13 centres distributed throughout the Community and managed by the Navarra Health System.

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The San Juan de Dios Hospital in Pamplona and Tudela is a private, non-profit health centre founded 75 years ago. It specialises in sub-acute hospitalisation and average stay in Palliative Care, Internal Medicine, Pluripathology and Geriatrics, Chronic Brain Injury, Rehabilitation, Clinical Psychology and Convalescence Care. It also offers home care for palliative care for cancer and other subject ailments, surgical and rehabilitation services.  

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Clínica San Miguel is a medium-sized private hospital founded more than thirty years ago. It is organised around 25 medical services and employs 160 doctors.

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This private mental health centre includes services such as care for people with mental illness, brain damage, intellectual disability and psychogeriatric pathology, through full, partial and outpatient hospitalisation resources. The hospital is structured around three clinical areas: area for Psychiatry, area for Geriatrics and area for Mental Damage.

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