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Both the School of Medicine and the University of Navarra offer students a wide range of activities aimed at fill in their formative stage: sports, volunteer activities projects, congresses, exhibitions and concerts, choir and orchestra, Cultural Activities Office...

The Campus The University of Navarra 's Pamplona campus has become the epicentre of university life. Here, students from all Schools and centres interact and share their concerns, learning and experiences.

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During the academic year, the University of Navarra hosts numerous congresses, conference and scientific meetings in which not only academics but also students interested in each of the subjects take part.

Among many other activities, #MedUNAV students organise the following congresses every year:

- conference Interactive Surgery for Students (JOICE).

- congress International Student Oncology (COE).

Tantaka is the Solidarity Time Bank of the University of Navarra and is aimed at articulating all the activities of volunteer activities of the university community: students, professors, employees...

It is a professionalvolunteer activities in which specialised knowledge - medicine, pedagogy, speech, law, etc. - is put at the service of the organisations of financial aid social. 

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The University of Navarra has complete sports facilities at the service of its students. It also has men's and women's teams that compete in different disciplines such as football, basketball, tennis, handball, paddle tennis, triathlon, fencing and kendo, among many others.

Internal competitions are also organised, such as the Trophy President. All pupils who wish to participate and compete against each other throughout the year.

The Sports Talent programme, aimed at students from high performing , and the Olympic Centre programs of study , which aims to promote interest in Olympism and the values of sport among the university community, also depend on Sports Service .

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Choir, orchestra, theatre groups, performance workshops, exhibitions, musicals, reading clubs, writing workshops... The University of Navarra's cultural offerings are wide and varied and are aimed at fill in the training university of the students.

Concentrated around the University of Navarra Museum -project by Rafael Moneo which houses works by Picasso, Chillida, Tàpies, Oteiza, Palazuelo and Rothko, among others - students who wish to do so can take part in the rich and carefully designed diary and cultural offer.

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