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Since its beginnings in 1954, the School of Medicine at the University of Navarra has had an important international dimension that has been strengthened year after year. This is manifested, firstly, in the incorporation every year of numerous students from Europe, Asia, Africa, the USA and Latin America. 

Likewise, #MedUNAV is a partner and works in close collaboration with some of the best medical schools and university hospitals in the world, Schools . These strategic relationships are focused on institutions in Europe and America, some of them as relevant as Mayo Clinic, Columbia University, Boston University or Heidelberg.

Through these agreements, the International Office facilitates the exchange both for our students who want to do part of their programs of study in universities in other countries, as well as for students or graduates from other universities who want to do internships in our medical centers.

At the same time, the School of Medicine belongs to AMEE (Association for Medical Education in Europe) and VSLO (Visiting Student Learning Opportunities), two international reference entities in terms of Medical Education and Inter-University Cooperation, respectively.

However, the best way to assess the international footprint of the University's School of Medicine is by tracking the careers of our graduates, who are spread around the world and leading their respective specialties, both from the point of view of care and researcher.

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