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The School of Medicine of the University of Navarra announces the Prof. Jiménez Vargas Scholarship Programme for students with excellent academic transcript in high school diploma and economic difficulties to study at Degree in Medicine at the University.

Students who join the Programme will be able to enjoy the financial aid every year as long as they comply with the requirements renewal requirements of the scholarship established in the corresponding rules and regulations .

The new scholarship programme of School Medicine is named after our first Dean. It is to his collegial spirit and unstinting generosity that we owe much of what we are today. We think of him as a role model for new generations of professionals, who will have to overcome many obstacles to serve others through our profession.


Each year 5 grants will be awarded to first year students. After carrying out an exhaustive analysis of the family economy, if awarded, the amount of the scholarship will be granted on a personalised basis. This will take into account the amount of enrollment, of accommodation, other scholarships to be received and the family effort for the student to study at our University.

The scholarship will be applied by reducing the amount of the official price of the enrollment and can cover up to 70% of the cost of the enrollment. The concession will mean that, if the renewal criteria are met, the University will maintain this percentage of financial aid on the ordinary amount of enrollment during the 6 years of the degree course.


  • Attending the 2nd year of high school diploma or equivalent during the current academic year and have completed the application of Admissions Office to Degree in Medicine. 

  • grade average in high school diploma or equivalent (biosanitary branch) equal or superior to 9. The concession will be conditional until this requirement is accredited at the end of 2nd year of high school diploma.

  • Maximum per capita income in the last 2 years: 20,000 euros.

Application and documentation:

  • To access the Programme it is necessary to apply for the admission to the School of Medicine through portal miUNAV, and at the same time fill in the Cost and Scholarship Study. 

  • Through the menu financial aid/contact of portal miUNAV, the following documentation must be attached:

    • Brief report explaining why you need this scholarship.

    • Income tax return for the year 2021 of all the members of the family who have filed it. In case of not making the declaration, provide a statement from a public accountant or notary indicating the income received by the family unit in that year.

  • The School of Medicine may call at applicant for an interview in cases where additional information is needed.


  • There is a deadline only application that ends at the same time as that of the Admissions Office of Degree (see deadlines) and its resolution will be communicated simultaneously.

apply for Students entering the Programme in the academic year 2022-2023 must renew their scholarship according to the indications established in the rules and regulations for the academic year 2023-2024. The requirements for renewal will be as follows:

  • approve all subjects enrolled in each year, between the first and second sittings.

  • Obtain a grade average of the transcript academic Degree courses in Medicine already completed that is equal to or higher than:

    • Renewal at the end of 1st and 2nd year of Medicine: 8 out of 10. 

    • Renewal from 3rd grade onwards: 8.5 out of 10.

  • Maximum per capita income in 2022: 20,000 euros.

  • This scholarship is aimed at students starting their first university studies for the first time and who are in their 2nd year of high school diploma or equivalent at the time of application.

  • The scholarship is applied for at the beginning of your studies in Medicine. It is not possible to apply for once the student is in higher courses.

  • This scholarship programme: 

    • It is compatible with other aid for enrollment as long as it does not exceed 70% of the cost of the enrollment. 

    • Yes, it is compatible with other discounts available at applicant, such as large family or the discount for enrollment of honour.

    • It is not compatible with the scholarship Alumni of the University of Navarra. 

  • The amount of scholarship granted will be applied at the time of making the enrollment once it has been verified that the academic requirements grant or renewal, as the case may be, has been met. In the case of renewal, the percentage of financial aid granted in previous years will be maintained. 

  • Students who have lost the scholarship due to non-compliance with the established requirements may apply for their recovery in the following academic year as long as they comply with the requirements required for renewal (section 3.2.). Students must present the application for retake in due time and form and it will be assessed and resolved by the board of the School. 

For further information, please contact the Study Funding Office( / +34 948 425 614).

Aplicaciones anidadas



The University of Navarra offers families different tools to help them find out the cost of enrollment for the Degree in Medicine or the Degree in Medicine + International Program. One of them is the Calculator. With it, you can make an approximate calculation, quickly and without obligation, of the total cost of a course at the University of Navarra, and find out about the scholarship and financing options available to you. You should also bear in mind that a long-term stay in another city will involve other expenses, such as the accommodation, which are not included in these calculations (transport, leisure, school materials, etc.).

- Price calculator




The Admission Service offers all students who request it a Cost and Scholarship Study, which includes information and advice on Scholarships and Financial Aid and other ways of financing university studies. Through this advice, the University of Navarra aims to inform families so that no one with an aptitude for study will be put off studying a degree or Master's degree for financial reasons.

In addition to being able to access the University of Navarra's own grants, students can benefit from the public calls for applications for scholarships.

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