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Why study the Degree in Medicine: body text?

The School of Medicine of the University of Navarra started its activity in 1954. Together with the Clínica Universidad de Navarrathe first centre in Spain to be accredited by the Joint Commission International as a university hospital, and the Centre for Applied Medical Research, it forms the Biomedical Campus of the University of Navarra.

At #MedUNAV we offer Degree in Medicine, which consists of 360 ECTS credit distributed over six academic years. With the experience accumulated in more than 65 years of experience, in 2020 our academic centre launched UNIC! (University of Navarra Curriculum Integration), a new Study program based on the most advanced academic, scientific and pedagogical trends. The differential elements of this new Study program are based on the following axes.

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UNIC! (University of Navarra Curriculum Integration)

From the beginning of the course, the teacher provides student with an overview. In this way, the student acquires knowledge in a contextualised way. This goal is only possible if there is a real integration between the basic and clinical sciences of medicine, as well as between different systems and areas of knowledge.

The student has been and will continue to be the raison d'être, the centre around which the activity of the School of Medicine pivots. This vision implies a commitment to participatory teaching methodologies such as problem-based learning, team-based learning, medical simulation and case discussion. This allows each student to take the lead in their own training under the careful supervision, guidance and accompaniment of each of their lecturers.

Each skill requires a different way of assessment. For this reason, UNIC! changes the approach and establishes a diverse, systematic and continuous evaluation to check the gradual acquisition of the different competences throughout the years of the course, with a special emphasis on the concepts core topic and on practical competences.

Throughout the degree, students will do a year's rotation, which can be taken entirely in Pamplona or Madrid. During a full academic year, students will rotate in the Departments essential for the training of a doctor: Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry, Paediatrics, Gynaecology and Primary Care. In addition, the student will rotate in other Departments thanks to the wide range of agreements that the School of Medicine of the University of Navarra has with first level health institutions.

In addition to clinical rotations, Degree in Medicine includes longitudinal clinical practice activities from the first year onwards.

Our students learn about the professional and humanistic values that underpin the mission and vision of the University of Navarra and, in particular, of School of Medicine. UNIC! also aims to encourage critical thinking and inspire a vocation for service in every doctor.

Research is one of the essential tasks of every doctor. For this reason, research-related issues are emphasised transversally in all subjects, from the beginning of Degree to the end. In addition, the importance of specific subjects on research methodology is expanded and reinforced.

The content of Study program has been designed to facilitate, to an even greater extent, the preparation for and achievement of the best results in the spanish medical residency programexam, as well as in the entrance exam to specialization program in other countries in Europe and America.

The design of project has been developed over several years with the advice of senior professors from Harvard Medical School, one of the reference educational centres when talking about curricular integration, and reflects the demanding international standards promoted by the World Federation for Medical Education.

Schools UNIC! follows in the footsteps of the best medical schools in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, such as Harvard, Newcastle and Heidelberg, which have already seen the positive results of this educational approach.

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