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Research rooms


These rooms are mainly intended for professors and researchers, doctoral students, students of Master's Degree and staff of the University.

They are located at Library Services Central and Science Library.

They can be accessed through the university card .

Library Services Central

The rooms of research are located on floors 1 to 5 of Library Services Central.

They house the research collection of area from Humanities and Social Sciences.

There are a total of 665 tables, of which 127 are freely available.

application tables

apply for A table can be found at loan for professors, doctoral students, staff and students of licentiate degree ecclesiastic. You can apply at the information desk or through the form.

On each of the 5 floors of the Library Services Central there are 28 free-standing tables that can be used without the need to apply for a loan or make any subject of reservation on them.

Return of tables

Once they finish their programs of study or their stay at the University, or stop using the table, people who have a borrowed table should inform the information desk or email Library Services@unav .es, so that it can be used by another person.

Access for students of Degree

Teachers may apply for access to the rooms of research of the Library Services Central for students of Degree who carry out tasks in support of research.

Library Services of Science

The conference room of research is located next to the Support desk at research, at the conference room study desk at Science Library.

It has 34 free-use tables for researchers, who can access conference room with their ID card from the University.



Researchers' tables

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Access for
students from Degree
(teachers only)

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