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Educational resources


Locating resources 

The staff of the Library Services financial aid will help you to find different types of educational resources to integrate into your teaching materials and the development of your classes. 

  • We locate specific educational resources on your area from knowledge, such as instructions from data, image and audiovisual banks, videos, blogs, podcasts, dictionaries or encyclopaedias.
  • We advise you on the use of educational resources.
  • We advise you on intellectual property and copyright of educational resources.
  • We locate bibliography on applications and programmes you may require and on trends in innovation and methodology professor. 

Creation of resources

The Library Service financial aid will help you create materials to complement your teaching.

Subject guides for your subjects

If the subject guides produced by Library Services are too generic and you need a collection of specialised resources on your subject, contact your subject librarian so that a new guide can be developed(see examples).

Videos, infographics and other graphic materials

The staff at Library Services can create infographics, videos, presentations and other graphic materials from your notes. 

If you need financial aid, contact us and define, together with your subject librarian, your needs(see examples and video tutorials elaborated by Library Services on YouTube).

Information search tasks

We design, at partnership with teachers, bibliographic search tasks that allow students to broaden their knowledge of a subject (see example).


Contact the subject librarian in your area specialization program

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