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Interlibrary loans



Teachers, researchers, students and staff of the university

The interlibrary loan service apply for is available to professors and researchers, students and staff of the University of Navarra.

Registration in the service

To use the service for the first time it is necessary to register through the same platform.
Students should go to attend for a session in which the operation of the service is explained. Upon receipt of the registration request, a date and place will be arranged.

Before apply for a document 

Check that it is not available on Library Services by searching for it on Unika.

If it is a recently published original document that is easy to acquire, please order it for purchase (more information). 

How to apply for a document

Requests are made through the interlibrary loan application.

You can check the status of requests in this same interlibrary loan application.

Cost of the service

The interlibrary loan has a cost for each document requested. position The Library Services assumes the cost as long as the request does not exceed €25, in which case the amount will be charged to Username or department. 

Visiting researchers will be charged the full cost of the service at position .

rules and regulations

Documents requested on interlibrary loan: 

  • They will be collected and returned at the counter of Library Services where they were requested.
  • They will not be able to leave Library Services of the University of Navarra. 
  • They will be subject to the rules and regulations of the supplying Library Services and its loan terms. 
  • An extension of the loan will be available at apply for if necessary.
  • Articles in digital format are sent to the email address of the person who requested them.
  • The person who has requested the loan will be responsible for any damage or loss of the book.
  • If the requested loans are not collected on a recurring basis, leave will be removed from the service.

Requesting University of Navarra documents from other institutions

Institutions wishing to apply for documents from the University of Navarra's Library Services can do so by e-mail.






Library Services Central (seminar 1D)
Universidad de Navarra

31009 Pamplona, Spain

+34 948 425 600 Ext. 802421
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