Students of 5th year of Architecture present their proposals for a multifunctional center for the elderly in La Palma.

Last Friday, May 10th, the students of the 5th year of Architecture had their last jury of the degree program. The project has focused for the second consecutive year on the island of La Palma.

The students, from the mentions in management from project Creative, management from project Urban and management from project Technicalhave work in the design of a project within the CT Lab La Palma 2024.

During the second semester, the students and teachers of Oriented Design Studio II (Project Workshop II) have wor ked in the municipality of El Paso (island of La Palma), on the basis of a contract signed by and the City Council of the island of La Palma. partnership agreement signed by the School of Architecture and the City Council of the island.

The topic to be developed has focused on the elderly, given the immediate challenges posed for architecture. Thus, students have developed new typologies that accommodate hybrid programs, architectural complexes that mix care or therapeutic spaces with tourist and residential, short, average and long stay. 

In this way, they have worked not only in the field of geriatrics, but also in tourism and accommodation, two topics of special importance for La Palma and El Paso. In addition, the design of industrialized, prefabricated and modularized solutions has been promoted in the definition of each project, with the intention of definitively incorporating the imminent change in the modes of construction into the professional internship .

Jury 5º of Architecture. Multifunctional center for the elderly

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