Architecture, sensitivity and motivation with Jorge Alonso of Chapman Taylor

Jorge Alonso, from Chapman Taylor, visited the postgraduate program headquarters of the University of Navarra in Madrid to offer a session to the students of Master's Degree of the University of Navarra. School of Architecture

"Learning, laughter, sensitivity and motivation. In these four words we could summarize the talk given last Thursday, November 23rd by Jorge Alonso, an experienced architect and former student of the University of Navarra. Jorge delighted us with a phrase: "The core topic of the architecture of the future lies in the work team, the conjunction of all the carefully worked elements that create a good environment". We could say that this phrase would also summarize part of the topics that were discussed during the talk: sustainability with the focus on people, team, future and technology.

"London captivated me because of the multiculturalism. It is important to work in a team with a diversity of profiles. Now I am in charge of Latin America, not only because I am involved, having lived there for a while, but also because I am a traveler, not a tourist. We have to be rigorous, flexible, dynamic and multifaceted. Chapman Taylor shares this, as he believes that architects have to make a living from making technique," added Jorge.

For Jorge, the architect's language is very important; drawing with his hands solves problems and clarifies for the client. He showed some of Chapman's projects, from offices to renovations, urban projects and housing. Specifically, in one of his projects he talked about the importance of life in shopping malls; space shapes emotions and that is very much taken into account in social sustainability. It was believed that the future was going to be made up of spaces full of robots, far from this idea, the reality goes further; it is moving towards green ecosystems far from all this.


In their projects they try to have a balance between reality and ethics. It is very complicated that sometimes the balance is not diluted because in many occasions it depends on budget; the client always comes first and the communication has to be fluid and formal. He can be guided, but he always has his priority. 

Jorge also spoke to us about the ontology of the architect. The great quality of architects must be to unite people. On this last point he makes a note: "We architects often like to see buildings without people; that's how we often show them, but now I'm betting on the opposite. That's how I think sample something alive, something human". He also believes that it is very important for architects (or anyone else) to keep in mind what they don't know how to do, to be humble. You can't accept every project; you always have to be prudent and elegant.

The topic of industrialization also came up. For the architect, it is a good way to be inclusive, to get two people regardless of gender to work under one roof. All this thanks to technology, to robots. There is a lack of manpower and this is a good solution. Construction is obliged to modernize, as it is still being built as it was in the 19th century. 

The talk concluded with questions, answers and advice. Among them, patience stands out. Once we finish with our careers, masters, programs of study in general, we go out into the working world and we are in a hurry to be important. What is clear is that the future is getting shorter and shorter, do something that looks different. The client always wants to see something new and there always has to be someone in charge of communicating the image from the inside out."

Text by: Jesús Musitu, student of Master's Degree University in Real Estate Strategy and Business (Real Estate)

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