Flat Pack - Formica

The result of project should be a stable, robust and functional seat.

Flat-pack furniture is a form of furniture that requires assembly by the customer after purchase of the product. Unlike other furniture subject , such as custom-made furniture, the main advantages of this subject solution are the ease of shipping and easy storage. In addition, they tend to have affordable prices. On the contrary, they are usually associated with poorer quality and leave durability due to the materials used, as well as complex assembly and a simple and limited design . In this exercise, students were asked to challenge these associations by development a seat without a backrest. Such a design was to meet the following requirements:

1. Manufactured with the archlab milling machine;

2. Assembly without glue, screws or nails;

3. The result was to be a stable, robust and functional seat. The material to be used was compact HPL (High Pressure Laminate) boards from Formica.

3º GD (PRODUCT) - exhibition of chairs with Formica

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