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Quality Assurance Committee

Quality Assurance Committee

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The body in charge of monitoring and guaranteeing the quality of the Official Degrees is the Quality Assurance Committee (CGC), approved and constituted on 25 November 2009, regulated by resolution of the board Directive, and which guarantees the presence in its composition of the different interest groups: teachers, students of Degree and postgraduate program, PAS, members of the (CECA).  

The Quality Assurance Committee also acts as a vehicle for speech of the quality policy and objectives of the School, guaranteeing their compliance and their dissemination among the university community.

  • Vice-Dean of Office of Academic Affairs: Cristina Etayo Pérez

  • coordinator CGC: Mariana Martins Meirelles

  • Representative academic staff: José Luis Alvarez Arce

  • PAS representative and administrative office: Begoña Fuentes Oropesa

  • Student representative from Degree: Blanca Saiz de Vera

  • Student representative of postgraduate program: Mª Julieta Sammartino Martínez

  • Representative high school business and Humanism: Eduardo Herrera Andrade

  • CECA Representative: Sonsoles Sancha

The results of the different processes of each academic year are collected and analysed in the Results Analysis report ( 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20). This document is drawn up after the end of each academic year and sets out the proposals for improvement of degree scroll, as well as the period foreseen for carrying them out and the people responsible for their implementation and monitoring.



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