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Dr. Mark Gibson


Dr. Mark Gibson (Linguistics)

Dr. Mark Gibson's research focuses on the timing of articulatory speech gestures. His most recent papers have dealt with the spatiotemporal coordination patterns of articulatory gestures in Spanish and how statistical weighting of different acoustic parameters translates into articulatory actions. Other areas of interest are: computational modelling, Gaussian and Bayesian models applied to speech perception and production, the perception of true versus false accents in a foreign language , the coordination of articulatory actions and respiratory cycles (both at the cognitive and the mechanical level), and the development of new patterns of spatiotemporal coordination.


Dr. Nathaniel Barrett

Dr. Nathaniel Barrett (Philosophy)

Dr. Gerardo Aguado

Dr. Gerardo Aguado (Psychology, Speech Disorders, Psychopedagogy)

Dr. Aguado's research and internship clinic focuses on children with specific language disorder and speech and articulation disorder, among other speech and/or hearing disorders.  


Monica Gonzalez

Monica Gonzalez

She is an affiliated student of laboratory. Her interests are in psycholinguistics, cognitive neuroscience, linguistics and phonetics. She is currently conducting a series of perception tests in psycholinguistics using a database of speech expressing different emotions collected in a clinical context to discover whether listeners can infer a speaker's emotional state based on voice quality and other acoustic cues.

Miriam Huárriz

Miriam Huárriz

My main motivation is to better understand language acquisition and to continue my programs of study work on speech perception and speech production, while at the same time familiarising myself with new software. I am also motivated to study the neurological basis of speech and language, as well as the development of the language in different populations, especially deaf children and people with cochlear implants. Finally, I seek to develop my knowledge about the needs of people with cochlear implants in the digital and media environment in order to design tools to help them communicate better.