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Aplicaciones anidadas




The School Nursing School began its activity in 1954. It was one of the first centres of the then Estudio General, which became the University of Navarra in 1960. Since then, more than 7,000 students have passed through its classrooms.


From the outset, the School has been focused on the training of nurses with a clear academic and professional approach . At the same time as the centre promotes the science of nursing according to the statement of core values of the University of Navarra, it trains highly qualified professionals - scientifically and humanely - capable of providing nursing care to the individual, the family and society. For this reason, an essential part of its mission statement is the training of academic staff itself in the field of professor, care, researcher and management. Aiming to achieve the highest academic Degrees and professional skill standards.


Reasons to study Nursing



The School was born in 1954. We have been teaching nursing for 69 years



We offer programs of study from Degree, Master's Degree and doctorate



You can complete the Degree with 4 diplomas in cutting-edge areas



Our academic performance rate is 98.78%.



The number of external internship hours exceeds 2,500.



We have two locations: Pamplona and Madrid.



The School is part of the University's Campus Biosanitary, together with CUN and CIMA



Our graduates' labour market insertion rate is close to 100%.


How to get there?

The School of Nursing is located at the campus of Pamplona of the University of Navarra, at plenary session of the Executive Council campus biomedical and next to other biosanitary Schools : Pharmacy and Nutrition, Medicine or Sciences. It is located next to the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, one of the centres where nursing students carry out many of their internships.