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Professors and research - School of Nursing

The research is one of the cornerstones of the University of Navarra's activity and is characterised by the breadth of its spectrum. A large part of the Sciences and Humanities are studied both at the university itself and at its associated centres. All with the ultimate aim of serving society

In the words of the founder of the University of Navarra: "The University cannot turn its back on any uncertainty, on any concern, on any human need".

The University promotes an impactful and focused research and is especially committed to a research focused on caring for people and the environment.

The research that takes place in the School of Nursing of the University of Navarra contributes to the generation of knowledge disciplinary, favours interaction with experts from different areas of knowledge, complements and supports the teaching and becomes a area of activity in which the professors-researchers put their creative potential, their capacities and the result of their work at the service of society. 

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The mission statement mission of School Nursing is to improve the health of individuals and communities locally and globally through leadership and excellence in Education, research, internship , clinical and service.

The School supports and promotes the development of the research that broadens the base of knowledge disciplinary, as well as the development of research applied to promote and improve the health of individuals, families and groups, in the different stages of the life cycle. Encouraging the search for truth and professional excellence based on Christian humanism and with the aim of service.


Through research, the School Nursing aims to respond to current health needs and anticipate future health challenges and priorities. In this way it wants to contribute to the care of people and the environment, to preserve and strengthen the quality and dignity of life of healthy and sick people, and to the sustainability of the health system.


- The research as an essential pillar for the development of the discipline.

- Commitment to and responsibility for the quality of research.

- multidisciplinarity, transparency and teamwork.

- The research as a service to society, in favour of life, respecting the freedom and dignity of the person and their environment.




The School of Nursing has a growing track record in development of high quality, high impact research. Our goal is to promote the research for the development of Nursing Science and to offer answers that impact all aspects of health and care of the person, family and community. In this sense, the School is especially committed to a research focused on Person-Centered Care and Health Promotion

Our research around Person-Centered Care puts the focus on the person as a unitary being living a health experience. The interpersonal relationship nurse-person/family cared for is the essence of this care. Likewise, our research in Health Promotion, both at family and community level, maintains a approach of Positive Health, generating knowledge on how to positively impact the health of individuals, families and community, enabling and empowering them to lead and make the best decisions for their physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being.



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