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Voluntary Internships - School of Nursing

The student is the one who takes the initiative, leads and manages the whole process of their internship with the support of the School (*). In this way, they acquire professional skills that are very necessary for their future incorporation into work space; decision-making, proactivity, discretion, speech, responsibility in the processes, etc...

(*) School provides the civil liability and accident insurance, prepares the annex to partnership agreement, and sends all the documentation to the corresponding centre.


More information

→ Possess a grade average in the transcript academic of 7 or more than 7, after the December call of the course in which the voluntary internship is to be carried out*. 

→ Be accepted by the centre where they want to do the placement within the established deadlines.

→ Register by following the corresponding process.

→ Attach the documentation on the date and in the format requested.

*Important: 2nd year students who, at the end of the first exams, have failed some subject , so they will have to attend the second exams in June, will only be able to do their voluntary internships in July and/or August.  

You can apply for your voluntary internship at next link.  

→ Before April 1, 2023 at 14.00h, students who want to make internship voluntary in any Osakidetza center must register in the following. form.

→ As of April 28, 2023, the student will receive information by mail on the steps to be taken.

→ download here the Acceptance form, apply for interview with director/a nursing centre and ask for the internship. Please fill in the data questions on the acceptance form.

Before April 28, 2023 at 14.00h, students who wish to make internship voluntary must register in the following form and attach the Acceptance Sheet document (save as follows: name-surname.PV.pdf).



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