The resurgence of Rhetoric and its chiaroscuros

The Resurgence of Rhetoric and its Chiaroscuro
seminar from group Science, Reason and Faith.
Ginés framework Perles. Pamplona, December 13, 2022

Ginés framework Perles, is graduate in Philosophy and in law. D. in Philosophy by the University of Valencia, Dean of the School of Philosophy of the Catholic University of Valencia. Director of the Master's Degree University in Political Marketing and Institutional Communication of the Catholic University of Valencia. He has also been Dean of the School of law and Vice President of research and Office of Academic Affairs of the same university. He has studied the incidence of the factors "trust" and "loyalty" in organizations. He is the author of several books and dozens of academic articles in high impact journals. In the last year he has published a monograph in Tirant lo Blanch, degree scroll Lealtad and, as co-author, the "guide de antropología para andar por casa". He has given numerous conferences for public executives and CEOs of different business corporations in Spain and abroad. He has recently been awarded the award "Political Book Author of the Year 2021", from the Napolitan Victory Awards of the Washington Academy of Political Arts and Sciences.

This lecture will reflect on the place of Rhetoric within Communication Theory, as well as the chiaroscuro of its influence in the postmodern Philosophy heir of deconstruction. In order to achieve this purpose, some parallels are drawn that relate the postmodern subjectivist drift -rooted in the rise of the deconstructive paradigm- with the renewed and repeated use of Rhetoric in the first decades of the 21st century. The hypothesis to be verified is that the irruption of such a drift in the contemporary Philosophy is the cause of the resurgence of Rhetoric in the most varied fields of knowledge: juridical, political and theological. It then advocates the re-foundation of Rhetoric, recovering the famous affirmation of Socrates in the Platonic Gorgias: "that it is necessary to flee from all flattery, that of oneself and that of others, be they many or few, and that one should always use Rhetoric and all other actions in favor of justice" (Gorgias, 527c).