Biomedical research and personalised medicine in heart failure

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Biomedical research and personalised medicine in heart failure

seminar room from group Science, Reason and Faith.
María de Ujué Moreno. Pamplona, 15 September 2020


María de Ujué Moreno holds a degree in Biochemistry and a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Navarra. After a postdoctoral stay at the BHF-Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre, she joined the Cardiovascular Diseases Programme at CIMA. At the laboratory on Myocardial Remodelling and Heart Failure, she researches the molecular and cellular instructions of the myocardial alterations underlying heart failure, in order to identify mechanisms that allow early diagnosis and specific, effective and safe treatment of this pathology. She is a member of group of research BIOMARCS of the University of Navarra and of research center Biomédica en network Cardiovascular. She is the author of more than 40 indexed articles and collaborates in national and European research projects. She is a collaborating lecturer at School de Ciencias.


Heart failure is a medical need that is difficult to address due to its increasing prevalence, poor prognosis and expense partner /healthcare. Moreover, its diagnosis and treatment are far from being personalised and precise as in the case of other diseases such as cancer, which is partly due to the inherent limitations of research cardiac. Using examples from the research developed at the laboratory of Myocardial Remodelling and Heart Failure at CIMA we will review various approaches of research in the current scientific context. We will also consider the ethical implications of such a common scenario in this subject research.