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Texts, articles and reviews under label: 'ethics'.

video and presentationBiomedical research and personalised medicine in heart failure

summaryHeart failure, which is common after heart attacks, is a serious health problem. Despite its seriousness, its research is not as well developed as in other fields. Various approaches to research in this field, and their ethical implications, are explained.
Author: María de Ujué Moreno

VideoPsychology and Christianity: A goal-Model of the Person

summary: This seminar presents an integrated Catholic Christian goal-Model of the Person: a view that is informed by Christian faith and by reason and the psychological sciences. This better understanding of the person will enhance theory, research and practice in mental health.
Author: Paul C. Vitz

VideoExpertise as a methodological and ethical problem 

summary: Scientific expertise is supposed to transform knowledge into "ability to act". The lecture discusses two problems in expert opinions: the use of data and the possibility of a recommendation for action without naturalistic fallacy.
Author: Agnieszka Lekka-Kowalik

VideoEthics for machines: how to teach your robot to behave itself

summary: Intelligent systems will make ethically charged decisions. Can we teach ethics to machines? Artificial intelligence is explained, and how a computational system can modify its behaviour by learning from the environment, or from human beings.
Author: Gonzalo Génova.